IObit Start Menu 8 Download Torrent

The description

The IObit 8 Start Menu restores the Windows Start menu. It was specially developed for Windows 8. IObit Start Menu 8 offers the perfect solution for users who constantly work with the Windows Start menu and are not used to the new Metro home screen in Windows 8. This smart tool restores Start buttons and the Windows Start menu and offers the option to skip the Metro home page, allowing users who work only on the computer to start Windows 8. This is the best replacement for the Windows Start menu. 8)

Main benefits:

More efficiency and convenience.

StartMenu8 not only restores the convenient Start menu in Windows 8, but also allows you to skip the Metro screen when Windows 8 starts and run it directly on the desktop.

Easy switching between Metro and the desktop interface.

You can easily switch between the two modes by pressing the Windows key according to your preferences.

Faster access to programs and files.

StartMenu8 restores the Start menu, where you can access programs, documents and files, the control panel and settings more quickly.

Total viruses: