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In the award-winning new film by award-winning critic Mozart, In Search of Beethoven & In Search of Haidn, Phil Grabski brings the music and life story of the world’s most beloved composer, Frederick Chopin. In search of new discoveries about Chopin, the man and his musical genius, Grabski travels the world for four years by recording recordings of world-class musicians and speaking with renowned historians and musicians. By Daniel Barenboim; Ronald Brautigam .; Jeremi Siepmann, Nelson Goerner; Kevin Kenner; Janusz Olejniczak; Eighteenth Century Orchestra conducted by Frans Brggen; Leif Ove Andsnes; Karre Vogt. Juliet Stevenson tells, and RSC actor David Davson hears Chopin’s letters.

In this highly anticipated documentary, Phil Grabskis’s biological account of Haydn’s life is visual and atmospheric, as well as a breath of some of the greatest musicians in the world.

Joseph Haidn (1732-1809) was one of the best producers of music. He is widely regarded as the inspiration for Mozart and Beethoven, and today in the concert hall he can often be overshadowed for the benefit of the youth of his time.

As Andras Schiff recently said:
The world needs to appreciate him more: Of all the great composers he is still down.

This film talks to other famous Haidns music artists and redefines the balance and highlights the master and his work. Phil Grabski hopes that Haidn will reach a wider audience that will be surprised, entertained and empowered by Haidn’s people, humanity and unmistakable creativity.

Haiden’s life extends from the end of the Baroque era to the invasion of Napoleon in Vienna, in which he portrays his young friend Mozart. He was one of the most prolific composers, producing over 100 films, 64 stunts, 16 existing plays, 51 piano sonatas and creative and seasonal oratorios.

It seems that the dreaded situation acknowledged the problems and problems of life with a sense of humor and humor. Although blessed with a patrolman, who ran his own orchestra and opera house for 30 years on Esther’s estate, he was exposed to the ordinary and humble movements of the aristocracy family and the folly of the art world. This year it has been proven to be a great, inspiring source for Haiden to write more works to impress her assistant and her distinguished guests with drama evenings, jokes, and memorial jokes.

Phil Grabski follows the same format for presenting composer and music profiles based on time. Through close and open interviews with experts and detailed information from Haidns personal records, viewers gain a good insight not only on Haidns music but also at their own expense. The emphasis is on film, like old films, on the performance and interpretation of Haidns music, and the performances of the greatest musicians and orchestras in the world.