In Search of Chopin 2020 download movie torrent

In the award-winning and critically-acclaimed trilogy, the director’s new films “In Search of Mozart”, “In Search of Beethoven” and “In Search of Hayden” bring us music and biography of Frederic Chopin, one of the world’s favorite composers. Finding a new idea for Chopin, a man and his musical genius, Grabsky has been touring the world for four years, recording world-class performances by musicians and speaking with distinguished historians and music scholars. Coach Daniel Barenboim; Ronald Brautigam ;; Jeremy Shipman, Nelson Görner; Kevin Kenner; Janusz Olejniczak; 18th Century Orchestra, conducted by Frans Brggen; The Left Ove Andnes; Lars Vogt. Juliette Stevenson talks, and RSC actor David Dawson gives letters to Chopens.

It is produced by leading orchestras, opera theaters and musicians. He operated 25,000 miles of routes on each route, followed by Mozart; MOZARD’S SEARCH is a detective story that wanders in the heart of old Europe and in the heart of genius.

Narrated by Juliette Stevenson et al: Ronald Brautigam, Renee Fleming, Magdalena Cohen, Lang Lang, Louis Lang, Julian Rachlin, Roger Norrington, Imogen Cooper, Campaign Quartet, 18th Century Orchestra, Salzburg Musicians, Mozart Camera Cameras

Without a documentary or visual restoration, Mozart delves into the lives of composers in the pursuit of music and wide-ranging correspondence. From K1a to K626 (Requiem), more than 80 works are presented in chronological order, drawing striking parallels between music and Mozart’s own experiences. For centuries, the focus has been on the music that surrounds the puzzle of Mozart’s life. The rigorous analysis of musicians and experts such as Jonathan Miller, Cliff Eisen, Nicholas Till, Bayan Northcott and the late Stanley Sadie leaves the composer with a new, lively impression. It unravels many of the common myths about Mozart’s genius, health, relationships, death and character to present a new image, with the exception of Milos FormansAmadei.

Narrated by Juliette Stevenson and co-authored with Mozart Samuel West, the film interviews and performs with more than 70 major Mozart music exhibitors, including: Christoph Rousset, Sir Roger Norrington, Ren Jacobs, Sir Charles Mackerren, Rene Flegman Sandrin Piau, Ian Boostridge, Gerald Finley , Sir Thomas Allen, Imogen Cooper, Pierre Laurent Aymar, Leif Ove Andnes, Lang Lang and Camp Quartet. The 18th Century Frans Brugen Orchestra and Ronald Brautigam perform much of the orchestra’s repertoire, but the film also includes performances by the Vienna Philharmonic, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, St. Martin’s Academy of Agriculture, Batschaften, Bayshtarchen, Bayern Opera, Statscope.