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Automatic content synchronization between iOS and PCiCloud is Apple’s online storage service for Windows. It has a control panel that lets you manage online content stored in an iCloud account and sync it between all types of Apple devices and your computer.

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Sync data on all your devices

With iCloud for Windows, iOS users can easily keep emails, contacts, and calendars up to date between their Apple devices and their computer.

The application provides options to sync your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome (Windows) with your Safari bookmarks on iOS and Mac.

iCloud automatically downloads the photos taken to access them directly from your computer. The same happens the other way around, if photos are added to the iCloud Photos folder (available in the file browser after you install iCloud), it automatically syncs with all your Apple devices.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there are different options for sharing photos and videos with other people. Others can then add their own photos, videos, and comments.

Integration with Windows Explorer

To use iCloud, you must of course have at least one Apple mobile device and an Apple ID. Setting up the software is extremely simple; the user only needs to select the type of content he or she wants to sync.

Unless you want to change the sync options, everything in Windows Explorer is integrated in two different folders (iCloud Photos and iCloud Drive) with iCloud, available in the Favorites menu. Drag or copy and paste it into these folders to download files to your iCloud.

Useful for accessing your data wherever you are

iCloud is very useful for synchronizing and retrieving your data across multiple devices. Setup is a breeze and its integration into Windows Explorer makes it easier to manage your files.