Icecream Screen Recorder Pro v6 Download Torrent

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro, user-friendly software for recording video from your computer screen (recording games, Skype, webinars, etc.), as well as making screens for all windows and the selected area. The application has a complete set of tools necessary for professional video recording from the screen. Screen Recorder allows you to capture a selection of any screen size. If you want to isolate part of the screen or add a text comment, this program comes with a drawing. It allows you to draw shapes, lines and text on the screen.
Select a one-click scene to create a video screen or directly on your computer screen.
Draw, follow, show arrows, or print text directly to a future screen or video clip while recording.
Direct access to all recorded videos from screen or screen.
Adjust the microphone level and system tone.
Save the screen to the clipboard for sending via Skype or email.
You decide: if you remove the mouse, turn off the screen there, hide images on the desktop, etc.
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