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Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game for Windows, Android and iOS that turns an unassuming suburban home into a maze of puzzles and emotions. Developed by Russian video game studio Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, you play as a young intruder as he attempts to unlock the dark secrets that lie deep in the fortress one step before the adaptive adaptation of neighbor AIHello, the sneaky game. of titles like Slender: The Eight Faces or Alien: Isolation and weaving in a humble neighborhood environment. Rather than avoid the pitfalls of an evil monster or faceless terror, players are the opposite of a sturdy, speckled white man in a purple t-shirt – not the typical nightmare antagonist that players expect from a neighbor. terror may occur, IA should not be underestimated. As you move around the deceptively complex house, the neighbor learns from your mistakes. Enter the habit of entering the garden window and start setting traps there. It seems too often downstairs and will start to be hidden (function () {(“check the desktop application”);}); If the neighbor suspects that he is intrusive, the game is underway and there is little chance he can escape, especially at the start of the game. He knows that shortcuts and (hilarious) will not hesitate to ruin his own window to catch up. Capture it, and the result, however, is anti-climatic: the neighbor simply puts your puzzles on your page on a ticking clock. Hello neighbor takes place completely in the first person. This increases the subtle immersion and the resulting fear factor. Solving games with puzzles is based on a simple and intuitive interface for grabbing objects, scanning holes, or throwing objects. For example, a puzzle at the beginning of the game is solved by throwing a small object at a button to lift one that you want to delve into the dark mysteries of the neighbor, the game makes you work for it. Especially later levels will start to require more intelligence and patience. There are high leds, wire screens, onboard doors and even boss battles that you have to contend with to continue. Some are smart, while others simply feel the best worthless scenario is a heartbeat as a brainstorm that rewards ingenuity and thoughtful thinking. Worst case scenario (and probably), solving the puzzle is logic-defying and just wants the time and patience to put the horror of survival back into the spotlight. You spend a lot of your time solving puzzles to run around and hiding from solving puzzles, which involves observing subtle clues and using learned patterns. Players hoping these features can be frustrated with Hello Neighbor. Many points leave you wondering what to do now or where. Sometimes level building gives the impression that you are on the right track, when in fact you are only looking at a dead room, the fear room adds another layer of development added to Hello Neighbor, and there is most of the uniqueness of the game. Although house hunting is scary in concept, but not in visualization, the fear of rooms is the opposite. These segments retract the player and place him in a contortiona nightmare like a grocery store, school or pantry. To complement these mini-game rewards The player with enhanced rewards can be quite powerful: making himself invisible by playing or even giving a double jump ability. The latter is particularly useful for solving more enigmatic platform games. Scary rooms use similar mechanisms to basic gameplay, implement a shadow that chases the player like your neighbor, and require more abstract puzzle solving for your courage and cunning in the Hello Neighbor test, providing a balance between poaching survival, resolution of puzzles, platforms and horror. The concept is simple, but adaptable AI for the neighbor makes this simple goal difficult for some players and annoying for others. For players looking for a good turn around game with friends, Hello Neighbor is doing well. For those looking for memorable and clever puzzles to solve in a classic horror setting: Look’s New In June 2018, tinyBuild announced a Hello Neu multiplayer spin-off called Secret Neighbor, with a desk touch for mates. This chapter is between acts one and two and is followed by a group of children trying to free their friend from the neighbor’s basement. Secret Neighbor is a more RPG, where players combine their strengths to gain keys and unlock the basement. Still, be careful; one of the players is secretly the neighbor in disguise!