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Jamie Lee Curtis returns a personal responsibility like Laurie Strode, who came to the final battle, Michael Myers, a masked model that hated him since he observed his human murder on Halloween four decades ago.

When the Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis runs to Michael Myers, Laurie saddens are taken to hospital, and serial killer is far away from it.


Rick Rosenthal’s author:

John Carpenter, Debra Hill Star:

JamieLee Curtis, Donald Pleasence,CharlesCyphers | After the sixth time Michael Myer from Doctor Samuel Loomis, Balcony fell. Widows 2018 AVI
Michael fled after the murder in Haddonfield, Laurie was also sent to Hospital and Dr. Loomis gathered a Group Police Officer to hunt Michael and finish Rampage Murderous.

Laurie Strode, a personal school pastor in North California and a surname, must fight for the Formula season, while her life depends on the balance.


SteveMining Author:

Hill Debra(character), John Carpenter (character) | 20 years After the murder of Michael Myer in Haddonfield.
Halloween 2018.2018 Laurie Strode was killed in his own death and traveled to California and took Identity Keri Tate. Michael gets a new Laurie and walks to California to kill his sister, now Laurie must bring Brother and Lives to Risk.

For the past 40 years, Laurie Strodeatake survived the killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Uninstalled, Myers runs off when the bus bus is off.Laurie is now facing and strikingly fighting when masked things come back to Haddonfield, Ill – but at this time, he is preparing himself.