Google Gmail Gadget download free torrent

The Google Gmail gadget cannot be used by Google Desktop; you may be familiar with gadgets: A small app that you can add to the Google Desktop sidebar to read news, view photo slideshows, or check weather forecasts, under (function () (()) page review on desktop -application ‘;}); Google has now launched a new gadget that lets you verify your Gmail account right on your desktop. The Gmail gadget is neatly installed in the sidebar and lets you see all messages in your inbox, filter them with labels, access different fields in your inbox (favorite messages, trash, spam) as well as the Gmail gadget includes a “Dial” button that lets you type and send gadget messages without having to open your web browser. If only the gadget interface were a bit bigger, it would be perfect! With Google Gmail Gadgets, you can always have your Gmail account to view and manage your email without opening your Gmail website all the time.