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FrostWire is a free multi-platform application that aims to put together the functionality of the music player BitTorrent client and search engine in one. Search with millions of music files and video files, uploaded directly to your device, and then use the same program to play media back.
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The creator claims that FrostWire peaks another market pet like utorrent and Bitlord thanks to advanced features and simple user experience, and it is easy to see in one any used torrent before you immediately understand this application. The interface is clean and uncluttered and searched and booting in some nice Screensaver time. With the advertised library of millions of free artists The app provides enough music for the last service life. However, what really makes the FrostWire shine its attention to detail. The ability to download files directly from YouTube is fantastic for those rare songs or extended video files to watch later, and a Sam click-to-go system of God send to someone who has had to take care about file extensions. (function () {(‘ Browse-app-page-desktop ‘);}); The Great Brotherhood of LimeWire thanks to its history of developing extremely popular BitTorrent clients, as LimeWire developers have managed to create a program that mixes powerful downloads and new focus on user experience. FrostWire is one stop store for all music and video enthusiasts.