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SD card data Recovery is a software utility tool created by Safe365. The software is mainly used for data recovery, when conventional methods to recover files on the SD card through a computer is almost impossible. A special method of files in an easy to use recovery settings.

Specialists in the crucial manipulation DataSafe365 is a company dedicated to the recovery of files that are lost due to different circumstances. The following platforms that Safe365 are able to recover are computers, e-mails, Flash devices, external hard drives, digital cameras, and even mobile devices. They also offer other services such as video conversion, system optimization and other multimedia needs for different customers. Each of its products is designed for specific purposes. Ensure that your professional-grade services meet the needs of its clients (Function () {(‘ Application Review-page-Desktop-‘);}); Get storage data for mobile SD memory is an advantage for those who permanently backup your main system. Unfortunately, the files are not always safe in SD cards. It can be accidentally removed due to human error, as well as altered when used in various systems that could ruin an initial formatted SD card, physically destroyed by electrical impacts or interference or Virus that the system has engaged. The recovery of data from free SD card can alleviate the problem of lost files from SD cards is able to recover deleted data from different formats of cards manufactured by different manufacturers. Supports storage platforms such as Compact Flash, flash drive, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, MiniSD, MicroSD, MMC Multimedia card, SD card, Smart Media, USB key and even XD-Picture card. These storage formats are commonly used in today’s computers, mobile devices and digital cameras. The interface is presented clearly. See all the storage platforms connected to the computer, ranging from individual folders and files.
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It offers the possibility to perform a quick or exhaustive analysis in the recovery of the file of your choice. There is a preview of the file when it is selected. Users are free to purchase the upgrade version. The upgrade version is a service for life with exclusive content such as free updates and technical support service, if an anomaly occurs. Only those who bought the upgrade version to receive immediate help. The software also comes with a specific recovery application, including data recovery from a USB flash drive, data recovery external hard drive and recovery of the SD card FilesFree data recovery is a Saving of life for those who have lost their files on your SD card. No one can predict when an SD card is physically destroying or;