Free Resize Video Windows 7/8 free download torrent

Free Resize Video, a free tool ofEasy Video Maker, is a video editingtool that is made mainly for resizing videos and changing their resolution. The software is pretty easy to master, given that it has a straightforward interface. Users will simply have to fill in or change the values on the tables, which are readily customizable with just one click.

Fill in the tablesIt is not that hard to know how to operate Free Resize Video. As mentioned above, the interface is straightforward and all of its functions are accessible. To start with, importingvideofiles can be done clicking on the big red plus sign located at the top right corner of the window. As it is the only button thats colored red, it wont be easy to miss. Once you have selected and imported the videos you would like to convert, you can now edit and change the height and width of the video by typing in new values on the space. After putting in your new width and height, click on Settings to select an output format. Free Resize Video supports different video file formats and can, therefore, render whatever video you would like to resize. After everything is done, you simply have to select Render and the software will process your ;Simple editsFree Resize Video is easy to learn and makes resizing videos a piece of cake. Unfortunately, its capabilities are limited to only that. It lacks a lot of editing features as well as advanced settings that could have also fixed the videos quality instead of simply changing their dimensions. Still, if you are looking for a quick and easy solution, Free Resize Video will do.

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