Franzis CutOut 9 nihole Download

Correctly cut out the smallest details, like your hair, and use them for beautiful photography! Just swap inappropriate backgrounds to get a fully customized image that looks like you’ve taken this image. Is it There are drawbacks to the picture? You can use Mind Search to remove annoying image objects, such as cars or signboards, without any editing effects.

CutOut 9 Professional for Windows

Specializing in professional planting, review and design. It includes advanced monitors and detailed image processing.

– Three ways of single discharges

– Minimizes JPEG residues

– Right curvature right

– Can be used directly in Photoshop as an accessory

– Adjust the edge adjustment

New tools and services

Thanks to the new tools and services provided by CutOut 9, the images used during the reduction process are much more limited.

Smooth out the JPG brakes

Don’t worry about bad JPEGs anymore. This interference caused by the compression algorithm can now be easily eliminated. The optimized algorithm provides a clear yield without artificial. The magnetic tool is also important: quickly select something simple without changing the free space.

Clean the edges

A known problem with heavy motifs is the planted edges. But from now on, you can easily tell a CutOut 9 professional, which is easy and difficult. Then curve conversion to compound edges ensures easy removal.

In the Edge Optimizer area, you now also have the ability to customize: Decide how many pixels you should have in the desired area. If the edges of your object are difficult to see due to a very dark image, CutOut already has a real function. Hand-cut products have been made much easier by increasing the brightness. However, the actual image will not change, so you will not change the brightness after trimming