Duplicate Files Fixer 1 Installer Download Torrent

Reset disk space in seconds by removing duplicates! Did you know that your system collects too many duplicate files that take up a lot of storage space? Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple tool designed to easily find and delete all such duplicate files!

Great features

This useful tool makes your system more organized!

Accurate duplicate identification

Duplicate Files Fixer identifies exactly all identical file formats. It is easy to find identical texts, photos, audio and video files with this extremely easy to use software.

Back up before deleting

You do not need to think about recovering deleted files. Duplicate Fixer Fixer lets you back up all your files before deleting them. No worries there!

Driver closure is supported

You may not want to scan all your copy guides. This software allows you to exclude files that you do not want to scan. It also makes your scan faster