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I decide to publish another DtSearch program; this time, with its help, you can quickly search gigabytes of text on your local computer. To do this, create an index where the words are found in the files. Of course, the search will highlight the desired pieces in the found documents, and there is also support for a fairly extensive list of email messages, databases, and file formats; You can download DtSearch Desktop from our project with the latest news.

The DtSearch table function can be named as support for searches by morphology and synonyms; phonetic search is embedded; you can search for text in the ODBC database; locally, there is support for different encodings. In general, I can’t write much about DtSearch Desktop as the program is almost identical to the DtSearch engine, on which I just wrote a review, so I think the meaning is clear that this tool provides it. I also can’t add anything about the interface, it’s very simple, although there are many places and no Russian support, it hinders your ability to figure it out quickly, but you can usually work. I hope you find the program useful if you have any questions, comment, always happy to help!

Developer: dtSearch Corp.

Language: English

Size: 71 MB

How to install:

1). If necessary, instructions are included.

2). All this, done