DS3 Tool Windows XP/7/8 download

DS3 gadget that can be connected in a way six axes or DualShock 3 are in a Windows machine. It is compatible with connection via USB and Bluetooth, and allows to connect up to four non-latches.

Easy to install (function () {(‘ review-App-Page-Desktop ‘);});
The establishment of your manager is relatively simple. Once you start the DS3 resources you have to plug the GamePad into your computer (this is also the easiest way to connect your control to the Bluetooth connection), then click the Enable Activation button.
The Vibrating test button is active to test the connection. Suddenly clicking on it, the pillow needs to see the vibrator-confirms that everything is ordered. Once installed, you can use the control in any game as you would use the official Microsoft control.

Chaotic design
Unfortunately, the DS3 resource interface is unstructured and somewhat bloody. As nothing keeps you together, you will feel that the developer has always thought of something you wanted to add, but put it in without any other thought utility.
This leads to a lack of drive within the interface, which makes it difficult for users less friendly with the technology to navigate. Not that I really complain, DS3 Resource is a free application that satisfies the much needed gap in the market.

Functional driver Software for console driver
There may be relationship-related issues, and some banner ads, but DS3 resources are simple and allow those who prefer PlayStation managers to use them on their computer easily.

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