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When King Stefan and his wife receive a new monarchy, the whole kingdom rejoices. During the ceremony, three beautiful fairs – Flora, Fauna and Merriveather – offer baby magic. But a wicked witch named Maleficent appears, and because of Merriveather’s brutal comments, he curses the king – that he will die on his 16th birthday after touching a poison wheel. Merriveather tries to undo the damage by issuing a letter that will awaken a female princess – named Aurora – from a moment’s sleep and kiss her true love. The files take Aurora to her room in the woods to keep her out of Maleficent’s eyes and raise her like their baby Briar Rose. On her 16th birthday, Aurora meets Prince Phillip, the son of a princess whose kingdom is about to join King Stephans – and he falls in love. Maleficent will be able to kidnap the Prince and his evil prophecies will come true when he slams Aurora by tapping into the front wheel created by Maleficent himself! To find that the prince is in trouble, 3 fine penalties go to the Maleficents Palace on the mountain that is blocked and the prince jumps. But soon the prince encounters the army of the Maleficent scandal and the evil power of the Maleficent – as well as the weed stem around King Stefans’ castle and the battle against the Maleficent as he transforms into a dragon! Whether it? A prince powerful enough to withstand the powers of an evil wizard?