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Although Joseph Goebbels testified in the famous “Free Jews” of Berlin 1943, 1 700 managed to survive in the Nazi capital until the end of the Second World War. There are stories of four young people who have learned to hide in the visible times.

Director: Claus Rfle Writers: Claus Rfle (screenplay), Alejandra Lpez (screenplay) Letters: Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer, Ruby O. Fee

Berlin, February 1943: Nova Scotia announces the “Free Jews” of the capital of the Reich. For the time being, 7000 Jews have managed to get underground. Nearly 1700 lives in Berlin on the horrors of war. The nizards tell the stories of the four contemporary witnesses. Hanni Lvy, who is only 17 years old, has lost both her parents. Thanks to his painted blond hair, he is practically invisible to his stalkers, and rolls along Ku’damm in order to pass the time. CIOMA Schnhaus is also a subterranean and leads the adventurous life, which consists in buying a sailboat, eating in the best restaurants in Berlin, and earning passport passports through which it will save life by dozens of other Jews. And at the same time Eugen Friede joined the Resistance group, which distributes the pamphlets of the government Ruth Arndt and the dream of a friend of life in America during the day; At night, he presupposes himself to be a war widow and wins gourmet dishes from the black market in an apartment of the NS officer. …