Die Hard 2 1990 torrent townload

John McClane tries to avoid disaster as agents led the army to control Airport Dallas in Washington, directed by: Rennie EXCO: Harlene author: Walter Bette (novel), Steven e. de Souza Museum (scenario)

After a scary event in LA, John McClane will go through all of that again. The terrorist forces led by Colonel Stewart (Sadler) maintain ransom all over the airport. Terrorists are planning to save the drug from justice. To do so, they take control of all electrical equipment affecting all planes. Without light bulbs, all the planes in the air, and low fuel, McClane must quickly.

An officer in New York tried to save his wife and several others captured by terrorists in Germany Christmas Festival at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

Directed by: John Mctirernan Author: Jeb Stewart (scenario), Thorp (novel)

NYPD officer John McClane go on vacation to visit his wife Holly Christmas in Los Angeles, where he worked for the company Nakatomi. While they are at the headquarters of Nakatomi in Christmas Festival, a group of robbers led by Gruber, he takes control of construction and Save all hostages, except John, while those who plan on doing a lucrative robbery. Could not escape without an immediate response from the police, John had to take matters into their own hands.