DFX Audio Enhancer 32-Bit

DFX Audio Enhancer gives your digital music files more vibrancy and enhances your music listening experience by improving the sound quality of music played over your computer, whether it’s music files you own, or music you’re listening to online.

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The developers claims that with DFX Audio Enhancer, you can transform the sound of your PC into that of an expensive stereo system “placed in a perfectly designed listening environment’.

DFX Audio Enhancer seems to work with a huge range of services, from music and video sites like YouTube, Pandora and Netflix, as well as music services like iTunes, Spotify, VLC, QuickTime, and other media players.

Old interface looks dated

There’s no other way to say it – DFX Audio Enhancer looks tacky. It has the kind of “control center” looks that were popular in the early 2000s and which just look terrible today.

Once you get past DFX Audio Enhancer’s looks, you’ll be disappointed to also find that the sliders don’t work in this free version. You can simply enable or disable the various options, like Fidelity and Hyperbass.

Not a miracle solution

In reality however, DFX Audio Enhancer seems to add nothing more than a bit more body to your music. That said, it does allow you to control stereo depth, renew stereo depth, boost your audio levels and produce a deep, rich bass sound.

You can also do most of that with a full-featured media player or by tweaking the sound options on your PC, but lots of users will appreciate the added ease of controlling all this via the one interface.