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CUNNINGHAM traces Merces’s artistic evolution to three decades of risk and discovery (19441972), from his early years as a post-war fighter in New York to his emergence as one of the most recognizable choreographers in the world. 3D technology incorporates Merces’ philosophy and stories, creating an immersive journey into his breakthrough work. Dance, music and archival material never before seen, CUNNINGHAM is a timely tribute to one of the world’s leading artists in modern dance.

The iconic Merce Cunningham and the latest generation of his dance company are profiled in God Kovgan’s 3D documentary through improvements to his iconic works and archival footage of Cunningham, John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg.
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Carolyn Brown, John Cage, Ashley Chen | Even for those who are unfamiliar with dance, Merce Cunningham is a well-known name – an iconic figure in his field. The mid-20th century collaboration with composer John Cage (his lifelong friend) and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg was central to the era of transformation. Cunningham opposes the “front line” or any other label. “I didn’t describe it, I did,” he said once. Now with Cunningham we have a chance to see what he has done. Director Alla Kovgan brought together the latest generation of Cunningham dancers (led by Merce Cunningham Company assistant director of choreography, Jennifer Goggans) to present Cunningham’s masterpieces. The film focuses on three decades, from 1942 to 1972, when Cunningham built his reputation. Miraculously filmed in 3D, Cunningham brings us closer to these works than ever before. Through an inventive approach to places, the film places dancers in recommended settings such as tunnels, …