CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Torrent

One of the most complete programs of graphic design

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a lightweight and attractive drawing and editing kit for professional design, vector illustration, photo editing and page layout.

A great set of tools to choose from (function () {(‘overview-program-page-desktop’);});

You will find a complete set of tools in the CorelDRAW graphic application: CorelDRAW, an intuitive vector illustration tool; Corel PHOTO-PAINT, a powerful image editor for all types of graphics; Corel PowerTRACE, bitmap to vector converter; Corel CAPTURE, a simple one-click capture tool; and finally Corel CONNECT, a file browser specifically designed to help you manage all your Corel media, computers, or local technologies.

Clear and intuitive interface

All CorelDRAW Graphics Kit applications are easy to use. Not only do they have a clear and intuitive interface, they are well documented. Despite being designed for professionals, seasoned fans can also take advantage of the CorelDRAW graphics suite and all its features: clean workspace, custom menus, and plenty of filters and effects.

The only thing we lack in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is the best integration of all the programs included in the package. Professional designers and photographers now prefer Adobe products over Corel. But CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is definitely a great design and toolkit.

Great collection of applications

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a great collection of applications for professional design, vector illustration and page design.