City Racing torrent

City Racing free sand racing is a free sand racing game played in and around the unveiled City Racing launch with a car wrecked in the garage and presented to a mechanic who will give you a little introduction to the game Like any other sand racer, you can drive around the city and look for a variety of win-win events to improve your rankings and earn credits to improve your car or better (function () {(‘review- app-page-desktop] buy’);}); City racing is visually strange. The city is quite public, though quite large. The cars are a bit futuristic, but not pretty, and pedestrians walking the streets are a bit dated. The game is powered by really hard physics – you feel as if you are driving a bumper car and don’t really feel the language in the game that will entertain everyone who loves bad English, because everyone’s Text is not very translated. The best thing about City Racing is that the free sand racing game sounds great, but City Racing is a frustrating experience.