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Clean junk and trackers from your PC for free CCleaner is a free application that claims to make your PC run smoothly and quickly by removing junk files, trackers, unwanted applications, duplicates and more. It is very satisfying to use, but it has been rumored that it could damage your PC. You! Is there any truth to this or is it really CCleaner a good tool to have in your competitive ranks? We’ve found your PC is at the top (function () {(” preview-app-page-desktop ‘);}); CCleaner is a seasoned software that has been around for a long time. It has passed several versions in terms of free / paid and is now a free home use app. The paid software is called CCleaner Professional and it offers 7 more information than the free version. There are other products in the CCleaner family such as Speccy and Recuva, as well as CCleaner versions for Mac and Android. Download and Install CCleaner When you download CCleaner, you will find that it is a free process. Setup is quick and easy, although you will find the app included in the context menu and start menu. After installation you can scan immediately. We feel like CCleaner has looked the same for the past decade, but it’s easy on the eyes nonetheless. Although not very modern, it looks good and is easy to find in your professions. The main part of the center is where all searches are performed and on the left you will see your options, settings and update options. You! What does CCleaner do with your computer? CCleaner for PC that markets itself as software that ‘improves, cleans, protects and accelerates’ your PC. It does this in three ways: The Simple Cleaners Registration Tool is probably the part of CCleaner that you are most familiar with. It searches for trackers and waste, as well as recycling boats and various temporary files. It’s satisfying to see the app “catch” and present you with a list, even if most of us don’t know exactly what we’re cleaning up. Checking the registry is an area that many users fear. CCleaner represents a list of registry entries that are corrupt, do not exist, are not used, or are not working. He then offers to “correct” them, but recommends that you return them if the situation worsens. Finally, the various CCleaner tools are a bit of a useful service. There is an installer, an upgrade, a start menu manager, a browser manager, a disk analyst, a notebook receiver, a system restore and a car cleaner. Finally, CCleaner also offers a configuration menu where you can change functions related to the appearance and operation of the program beyond the individual icons. You! CCleaner supports? Some users are concerned about CCleaner’s effectiveness, and there is an urban legend that CCleaner (or CCleaner alternative alternatives such as BleachBit and Wise Disk Cleaner) can be very dangerous with bad hands. To get to the bottom of this, we need to divide the question a bit. Does CCleaner make your computer faster and better? Really, to the point. You only delete items that take up space to a large extent, and if you have more space, your hard drive can do better technically. You will have a large amount of food on yourcomputer to see major improvements – modern computers do not store food supplies like they did in the past. The same is true for disk drives, which were probably a valid resource 10 years ago, but our drives are more self-sufficient today. There may be some good searching when you remove old apps you no longer need, remove browser add-ons or install recycled cans, but these are tasks you can do yourself, without CCleaner. However, CCleaner’s appeal is that it performs these functions on its own and gives you a central hub to perform those other functions. You! Is CCleaner dangerous? That’s a big question. We don’t think CCleaner is dangerous, but it does give you access to tools that, if misused, can have an adverse effect on your computer, especially the registry. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can delete several records that are important to the operation of your computer, but you don’t need to use this service and if you do, CCleaner will remind you to make a backup. That way you can change it even if something goes wrong. If you use CCleaner (or any other clean PC software) with common sense and common sense, it is unlikely to give you powerful software for specific uses. CCleaner is a software that has been around for a long time and despite rumors, will last a long time. That says something and we found that for the most part it is a good app if you understand what it does and what you can watch. That said, it is not a necessary application at all. Modern computers don’t require cleaning like in the past and if you install more or less items, using software like CCleaner won’t have a significant impact on your computer. Still, some people like the sense of optimization and import it provides, and the fact that it offers multiple devices through a single converter. If that tells you, by all means download it, keep your expectations normal and your common sense on top. What’s new? The latest version of CCleaner had major security updates and several minor bug fixes and user interface updates.