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Cleaning up junk and trackers on your computer freeCCleaner is a free application that claims to keep your computer running smoothly and quickly by removing unwanted files, trackers, unwanted applications, replicas and more. You are very happy to use it, but there have been rumors that it may actually damage your computer. Is this true or is CCleaner a great tool in your arsenal? Note that your computer is running on top (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop-view’);}); CCleaner has long been an application for veterans. He went through different versions of free / paid and already available apps. The paid app is called CCleaner Professional and offers about 7 features more than the free version. The CCleaner family includes other products such as Speccy and Recuva, as well as CCleaner versions for Mac and Android. Downloading and Installing CCleaner Downloading CCleaner is a hassle-free process. Installation is quick and smooth, though you will notice that the application is built into both the launcher and the shortcut menu. Once installed, you can scan immediately. CCleaner seems to have looked the same in the last decade, but in both cases it is momentary. Although not very fashionable, it looks good and easy to find. The large central area is where all the cleaning is done, and on the left you will see the program options, settings and upgrade options. What does CCleaner do on your computer? CCleaner for PC is marketed as an application that “optimizes, cleans, protects and speeds up your PC”. There are three ways to do this: Easy Clean Registry Tools Easy Clean is probably part of the CCleaner you are most familiar with. It searches for trackers and trash, including a list of trash and selected temporary files. Suitable for “scanning” the application and submitting the list, though most of us are not sure what you cleaned. Registry scanning is a part of which most usersare afraid. CCleaner will show you a list of corrupted, missing, unused or outdated registry entries. She then provides a fix, but suggests that you back them up if something goes wrong. Finally, the CCleaners tools selected are convenient utilities. It has uninstall, update, startup management, browser management, disk analyzer, copy search, system restore and device cleaner. Finally, CCleaner also provides a customization menu where you can customize the appearance and performance of the program beyond individual scans. Does CCleaner Really Help? Some users are concerned about the effectiveness of CCleaner, and there is also a city legend that in the wrong hands, CCleaner (or CCleaner variants like BleachBit and Wise Disk Cleaner) can be really dangerous. To get to the bottom of this, we need to understand the question a little. CCleaner Will Make Your Computer Faster and More Optimized? Well, to a degree. This significantly eliminates space-only things, and with more space, the hard drive can in theory run more efficiently. You need to have a huge amount of junk on your computer to see a major improvement – modern computers don’t just collect junk like they used to. The same goes for disks, a defragmenter that was probably a decent tool ten years ago, but disks are much more independent these days. The attraction of CCleaner, however, is that it performs some of these tasks on its own and gives you a control center from which to make others. Is CCleaner Dangerous? This question is a bit dramatic. We think CCleaner is not dangerous, but it does give you access to some tools that can adversely affect your computer when used incorrectly – especially to clean the registry. If you do not know what you are doing, you can delete important registers on your computer, but you do not need to use this feature. CCleaner will remind you toarchive. Even if something goes wrong, you can turn it around. If you use CCleaner (or some other cleaner application on your computer) with intelligence and public awareness, it is unlikely that an application will be used in a particular application. That says something and we find it a pretty good application if you understand what it is doing and you need to be careful. However, this is not an absolutely necessary application. Modern computers do not need to be cleaned as before and if you keep things in good shape, running applications like CCleaner will have a huge impact on your computer. Even then, some people like the sense of optimization and organization and the fact that it provides several tools in one interface. If it describes you, be sure to download it – just keep your expectations low and your sanity high. What’s New The new version of CCleaner includes a major security update and some minor bug fixes and interface updates.