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Video: 720×288 @ bitrate 1400 2pass

Sound: English AC3 stereo

Example: yes


Full name:

Format: AVI

Format / Information: Interleave Video Audio

File size: GiB

Duration: 2h 10mn

Total bit rate: 1668 Kbps

Writing application: Nandub

Writing Library: Nandub Build 1853 / Edition



Format: MPEG-4 visual

Profile format: more specific

Format settings, BVOP: 2

Format settings, QPel: Yes

Format settings, GMC: No war points

Format settings, matrix: normal ()

Mixing mode: compressed bitstream

ID code: XVID

ID / code code: XviD

Duration: 2h 10mn

Bit rate: 1401 Kbps

Width: 720 pixels

Height: 288 pixels

Aspect ratio:

Frame rate: fps

Color space: YUV

Chromium subsample: 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 8 bits

Imbasjenis: progressive

Compression mode: loss

Bit / (Pixel Frame *):

Flow rate: GiB (84%)

Writing collection: XviD (UTC 2008-12-04)


ID: 1


Format / information: audio coding

Mode connection: CM (full key)

Format settings, endianism: large

ID code: 2000

Duration: 2h 10mn

Bit rate mode: fixed

Bit rate: 256 Kbit / s

Channels: 2 channels

Channel location: Front: L R.

Sampling frequency: KHz

Bit depth: 16 bits

Compression mode: loss

Current size: 238 MiB (15%)

Direction: Scatter over sliding sheets

Interleave, duration: 33 ms (video images)

Interval, preload time: 500 ms



Four outsiders from the high-level financial world forecast credit and residential real estate growth

The collapse of the mid-2000s decided to conquer a huge rock due to lack of foresight and greed.


Ryan Gosling … Jared Vennett

Christian Bale … Michael Burry

Steve Carell … Mark Baum

Marisa Tomei … Cynthia Baum

Brad Pitt … Ben Rickert

Selena Gomez … Selena Gomez

After: Chapitre 2 2020 KAT full download torrent

It is based on a romantic novel of the same name from 2014 and follows the love life of two young adults.
Roger Kumble Author:
Anna Todd (scriptwriter), Mario Celaya (scriptwriter) Tessa has everything missing. Hardin will not lose. – Except him. Life is never the same after a collision. After the start of their troubled relationship, Tessa and Hardin are on their way to making things go smoothly. Tessa knows Hardin can be cruel, but when a bomb pops up over the origins of this relationship – and Hardin’s mysterious past – Tessa is by her side. Hardin will always be – Hardin. But is he really a deep and wise man until Tessa falls in love with his angry appearance – or is he a stranger all this time? He wants to be able to walk. It’s not that easy. Hardin knew he had made a mistake, perhaps the biggest mistake of his life. He will not go down without a quarrel. But can he change? Has he changed – against love? Yes, yes, he can.

O Estranho Mundo de Jack 1993 avi AshyBug DVDRip torrent

Halloween King Jack Skellington descobre uma cidade natalina, mas sua tentativa de voltar para casa para Natal é confusa.
Henry Selick Autor:
Tim Burton (história personagens), Michael McDowell (adaptação) Jack Skellington, rei abóbora da cidade de Halloween, está entediado de fazer a mesma coisa todos os anos no Halloween. Um dia ele se depara com uma cidade natalina está tão preocupado com pensamento do Natal que tenta persuadir as pessoas do Halloween a banharem morcegos, fantasmas elfos em vez do Halloween no Natal – mas infelizmente eles entendem – eu realmente não entendo.

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STATEMENT: The Dead Dont

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AUDiO: 448 Kbps AC3





Captain Fantastic 2016 Full Movie Download Torrent

In the forests of the northwestern Pacific, a father dedicated to raising his six children through rigorous physical and intellectual education must leave paradise and enter the world by challenging his idea of ​​being a father.

Director: Matt Ross

Author: Matt Ross

Stars: Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, Samantha Isler

Genres: Comedy Drama Romance

Country: USA

The language English Esperanto


SOURCE: FGT (1080p)

VIDEO: 1300 kbps XviD


DRIVING TIME: 1h59m33sec

Subtitles: Not available


the English language

HEALTH: Srkfan and AQOS

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 2020 torrent

A sequel to the 2006 comedy film focusing on the adventure of a fictional Kazakh TV journalist named Borat.
Jason Woliner Writers:
Sasha Baron Cohen (script disabled), Anthony Hines (script disabled) | Continuation of the 2006 comedy film about the adventures of a fictional Kazakh TV journalist named Borat.

Tenet 2020 film télécharger

Armé d’un seul mot, Tenet et luttant pour la survie du monde entier, le protagoniste voyage à travers le monde crépusculaire de l’espionnage international dans une mission qui évoluera en quelque chose au-delà du temps réel.
Christopher Nolan Auteur:
Christopher Nolan avec:
John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki Dans le monde crépusculaire de l’espionnage international, un opérateur anonyme de la CIA connu sous le nom de The Protagonist recrute une mystérieuse organisation appelée Tenet pour prendre part à une mission mondiale qui se développe au-delà du temps réel. Mission: empêcher Andrei Sator, un oligarque russe licencié avec des connaissances, de déclencher la troisième guerre mondiale Le protagoniste maîtrisera bientôt la compétence de «l’inversion du temps» comme moyen de contrer la menace imminente.

Genre: action, thriller, science-fiction
Réalisateur: Christopher Nolan
Vedettes: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia
Résumé: Armé d’un seul mot – Tenet – et luttant pour la survie du monde entier, le protagoniste voyage à travers le monde crépusculaire de l’espionnage international dans une mission qui se développera en quelque chose au-delà du temps réel.
Conteneur = Sailor (mkv)
Durée = 02:24
Taille du fichier = 849 Mio
Informations sur le codec = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Résolution = 720×288
Afficher AR = | Bitrate = Framerate = VFR Color Space = YUV
Échantillonnage partiel de Chrome = 4: 2: 0
Codage = x264 – noyau 157
– L’audio
Données du codec = AAC | A_AAC-2
Canaux = 2
Débit binaire = taux d’échantillonnage = kHz
Langue = anglais

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1917 2019 Torrent Download

April 6, 1917 As a regiment assembles to wage war deep in enemy territory, two soldiers are assigned to race against the clock and send a message that will stop 1,600 men from directly stepping into a death trap.
Sam Mendes writers:
Sam Mendes, Krysty Wilson-Cairns Stars:
Dean-Charles Chapman, George McKay, Daniel Mace | April 1917, Western Front. Two British soldiers were sent to send an emergency message to an isolated regiment, and if the message had not arrived in time, the regiment would have been imprisoned and killed. To get to the regiment, they will have to cross enemy territory. Time is of the essence and the journey will be full of dangers.

Portrait of A Lady on Fire kickass Free Torrent Download

Portrait of a lady in the genre: drama, romance, history
Director: Cline Sciamma
Stars: Nomi Merlan, Adle Hanel, Luna Bayrami, Valeria Golino, Christel Baras
Plot: On an isolated island in Brittany in the late 18th century, an artist was commissioned to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman.
Container = sailor (avi)
Length = 02:01
File size = 1 GiB
Codec information = AVC V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×352
Display AR = | Bitrate = 1450 kbps
Frame rate = CFR Color space = YUV
Taking colors = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – kernel 130 r2273 b3065e6
– Sound
Codec information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channels = 2
Bitrate = CBR 192 kbps
Samplerate = kHz
Language = English