Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT Activated-KBO torrent

Windows 10 v1909 is activated and permanently updated!

With Windows 10 Pro, you have a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 10 Home, as well as important business functions for encryption, remote logon, virtual machine creation, and more. Get fast startups, a familiar yet comprehensive start-up menu, and great new ways to do things, along with innovative features like a brand new browser built for online operations, and Cortana, a more personal digital assistant.

File: Windows 10 Pro en-US v1909 x64 BiT

Size: GB

Format: bootable ISO

UEFI support: YES

Pre-activated: YES

UEFI ready

Use the supplied Rufus USB tool to boot UEFI.

1: Burn to Big DVD or Copy to USB using Rufus

2: install

3: Done


– Release Notes

Operating system version: 1709 OS

Activated version (no other activation tools required)


– Installation information

1. combustion / attachment

3. Enjoy!


Windows 10 SR1 32bit English Untouched Download Torrent

Official Windows 10, version 1511 (Service Release 1). 32-bit English.


md5 91fad72bb84ee259cdb1772b2ce42375

sha1 5d406d89656f8548fd0f410bd66de59be05b081b

Enjoy and sow!

Creature Animation Pro 3 32/64 Bit update torrent download


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Creature is an innovative 2D animation software designed to provide great smooth animation for your digital content. Use Directable Automated Animation Engine technology to create incredibly complex animations in an incredibly simple and efficient way that takes time when you know what you’re doing. The program is an ideal tool for game developers, digital artists and web designers who want to add special animation to implement their content.

I recommend that you download the latest version of Creature Animation Pro for free with the key on our website. You are invited to do so by following the direct link below in the news, congratulations!

Developer: durrelmoon

License: ShareWare

Language – English

Size: 36 + 35 MB

Operating system: Windows 7+ x64


How to install:

1). Instructions are included if necessary.

2). It’s ready

Zoner Photo Studio Pro 19 torrent download

System requirements:



Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP

Processor: Pentium 4

Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista

Photo card: DirectX 9 video card compatible with 128 MB, Shader Model ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better

Hard disk: 13 GB space

Sound card: A sound card that is compatible with DirectX


Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP

Processor: Intel-based 2 duo

Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista

Photo Card: Similar DirectX 9 video card with Shader NVidia 7600 model, ATI X1600 or better

Hard disk: 13 GB space

Sound card: A sound card that is compatible with DirectX

Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese (Brasileiro)

Microsoft Word Torrent Download

The word processor Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office program. This business and productivity software can create compelling and interesting documents. It contains all the necessary tools for professional document processing. With this application, users can compose their professional and professional writing documents with professional documents. Microsoft Word includes powerful tools, ideal for any writing task. With this word processor, you can turn your ideas into great documents. It has smart technology that allows you to improve your best words. From spelling and grammar corrections to writing suggestions, even stylistic ones, this software has all the features to help you write safely. It is also ideal for writing resumes and reports. The software also allows users to work with other office suite applications without leaving Windows. Users can receive texts and PowerPoint objects, cited research materials, and even information about websites. They will stay on track while exploring online. Microsoft Word supports real-time user collaboration. Just one click to share documents and invite others to edit or comment on them. Users can set their own language settings and accessibility options to help others work with the document. For convenience, users with an Office 365 subscription can view and edit any Microsoft Word document on any device (mobile device, tablet, computer, or Mac). Also, by subscribing to Office 365, you get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, which allows users to share and edit files. It also has an advanced security feature to prevent data breaches. Microsoft Word can also be accessed from a browser and has additional features and values, such as free Word templates and simple documents. To usersprovides powerful tools to promote comfortable and better writing. The app also includes additional collaboration features that allow users to invite contacts to edit and comment on them in real time. With this tool at your fingertips, running documents has never been easier.

Windows 10 X64 2004 6in1 OEM ESD pt-BR MAY 2020 {Gen2} torrent

* Windows 10 X64 con actualización 6in1 OEM ESD en-US Mayo de 2020

* Versión de la fase 2004

* Cubrir:

* Tamaño: 4,57 GB

* Formato: ISO implementable

* CRC32: 8a2e8ec6

* MD5: a5d0a4cb452e814522653f889366f42f

* SHA-1: 8b6e5dc2485b2f0ec22fd003ac11fe614b79a71c

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Actualización complementaria:

* KB4556803

* Sistema NET

* IDIOMA: brasileño

* Windows 10 home – enfermedades de transmisión sexual

* Windows 10 Home – DLA

* Windows 10 Home – OEM

* Windows 10 Pro- – STD

* Windows 10 Pro- – DLA

* Windows 10 Pro- – OEM

* STD = Configuración estándar – para aquellos que tienen su clave de licencia

* DLA = Activación de licencia digital (HWID)

* OEM: se instala automáticamente durante la instalación

* Versión similar en materiales nativos

* UEFI listo

* (Utilice la herramienta USB Rufus integrada para encender UEFI)

* Herramienta de detección recuperación (Microsoft DaRT)

* presionado en el patrón de recuperación ()

* Cree USB Rufus de arranque (muy recomendado),

* (suministrado) grabar en DVD-DL a baja velocidad.

* WindowsAddict, autor del documento de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que les guste esta versión!

* Respetuosamente

* Generación2

Windows 10 Pro DUAL-BOOT 6 en 1 OEM ESD EE. UU. JUNIO DE 2020

Edición 2004

* Cubrir:

* Tamaño: 7,50 GB

* Formato: ISO implementable

* CRC32: 11dc8c0e

* MD5: b003a73d3981840e8145d8c5007240ea

* SHA-1: a521248ea3505fe659a6f87b7970e3bc12917a3d

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Mantenimiento de actualización de la chimenea:

* KB4560366

* Añadir:

* KB4557957

* Sistema NET

* Actualización total de

* Sistema NET y:

* KB4552925

* Actualización de seguridad de Flash Player:

* KB4561600

Instalación completa:

Sistema NET


* Bit 32:

* Windows 10 Pro – STD

* Windows 10 Pro – DLA

* Windows 10 Pro – OEM

* 64 bits:

* Windows 10 Pro – STD

* Windows 10 Pro – DLA

* Windows 10 Pro – OEM

* STD = Configuración estándar – para aquellos que tienen su propia clave de licencia

* DLA = Activación de licencia digital (HWID)

* OEM: se instala automáticamente durante la instalación

* Versión similar en materiales nativos


* Dos medios de instalación en ISO

* UEFI listo

* (Utilice la herramienta USB Rufus integrada para encender UEFI)

* Herramienta de detección recuperación (Microsoft DaRT)

* presionado en el patrón de recuperación

* Cree USB Rufus de arranque (muy recomendado),

* (suministrado) grabar en DVD-DL a baja velocidad.

* Windows_Addict, autor del documento de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que les guste esta versión!

* Respetuosamente

* Generación2

Tik Tok Stofers Torrent Download

Free video creation and sharingTikTok is a free social application for creating, editing and sharing videos. Although it was developed by ByteDance for the Chinese market for Android and iOS devices in 2016, it has gained steady popularity around the world. You can also use the software on your computer by downloading the file and installing it in a mobile video sharing application. Before the birth of TikTok, it dominated the video-synchronized video market for social media lips. Launched in China in 2014, the mobile app allows members to create short videos of up to one minute while singing or performing music. It became an instant hit of young people who wanted to show their voices wanting to compete with the original Douyin brand in the Chinese market, and the developer renamed it TikTok to attract an international audience. It was such a huge success on mobile devices that in 2017, ByteDance was able to purchase $ 800 apps that are available for free under the TikTok label. It is widely attracted to its addictive properties: 40% of members are located in China and 20% in India. In 2019, the number of TickTockers in the U.S. varied to 14 apps, and evolved into more than just fun to share on social media. Although its primary purpose remains short-lived videos for both teens and adults, companies have begun to use it to promote programmers, publishers, and other parties in the music industry. Even the sports industry has gotten into wheelchairs, and users can see the NFL by using TikTok to highlight game events and celebrities to install and use TikTok. While most members enjoy using the app on smartphones, not all devices are able to handle it in a mobile phone configuration or with little device memory and storage space. To overcome this challenge, you can download the TikTok file to your computer and use it with a mobile simulator. Bluestacks is a great option that you can also use on Windows and Mac operating systems where you have the appropriate software installed and running, look for the TikTok file you downloaded. Bluestacks allows you to integrate and execute valid files in the client lobby. As soon as you install the APK file in the emulator, you can create a new account or use an existing account after accessing the same features and all the new features that the developer will publish. The only difference is when downloading new content, because you can’t record videos like on a smartphone. Videos are not usually stored on a computer, but in a Bluestacks media folder from a customer security perspective. Many countries and organizations have occasionally banned TikTok for security reasons. However, due to limited community sharing limitations, parents ’broadest concerns about developer security have not ceased when many of TikTok’s threats are addressed, such as hackers breaking into its security protocols to obtain personal information. continue to raise concerns about the social application of video sharing. ByteDance tries to follow the name of the Netzdgnetwork monitoring law on the detailed page of the Security Center. If you have significant problems, you can register a violation report on its website, provided you abide by the terms of the complaint and similar applications Also developed in China, Like has expanded its coverage to 2020.when it teamed up with Believe Digital, a leader in massive music. It is one of the biggest competitors of ByteDance, and hosts most of the same special effects features. However, many authors see Lika as a TikTok clone, a copy of a well-known photo-sharing app that has advanced into the video development field with a new feature called Reels. Unfortunately, it has only recently hit the market with this tool, which means it has a long way to go before it can be with TikTok. The video creation feature also disappears in the middle of the rest of the Instagram course. All apps that allow you to create and share videos must run against YouTube. TikTok can develop hours of a single video and share it live, so many different YouTube features are available. When it comes to lip synchronization and its effects, TikTok believes that TikTok is so addictive. The popularity of video creation and social sharing apps is declining due to countless old and new features. First, many members praise its algorithm, which recognizes what you enjoy watching and then adjusts the future content of your feed. A long list of trendy views based on your preferences makes videos easy to use, which adds a short length of video because you can watch them in minutes. It’s perfect if you don’t have time to watch an all-night video, which is why brands that promote developers and services love software. It also entertains the authors that making videos for everyday new creation and sharing from PCTikTok has gained worldwide popularity with its short video that allows you to share other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Although there have been some safety and security issues over the years, this has not prevented teens and adults from taking full advantage of lip sync to the fiercest hits. ByteDance takes these expressions to mind as it talks about Netzdg, there are a lot of special effects and music you can enjoy. The latest features will also help brands expand coverage with the ability to customize videos to their needs.

KMPlayer Torrent Download

A free alternative to Windows Media Player KMPlayer is a popular media player that can play movies, music and more. KMPlayer supports various high-resolution codecs and services. You can also add external codecs. For non-techies, this means you can decode various video formats such as 3D, 4K, Ultra High Definition and even extend compatibility with video players if you need to. You can also enjoy your movies in crystal clear picture quality on DVD and Blu-ray. The flexibility of video players for different file formats is one of the most important features to look for, and KMPlayer ranks high on this. It supports many file formats, including WMV, MKV, OGM, 3GP, FLV and MOV. This application has been used by users all over the world since October 2002. The site receives more than 100,000 visitors per day. He is clearly doing something right. Its popularity can also be explained by its high functionality. Most Windows video players, including Windows standard video players (Windows Media Player), have limited functionality. Basically, they are just plug-ins and playback programs. If there is a problem or you want to make subtle changes for your viewing pleasure, there is probably not much you can do about it. However, KMPlayer gives you great freedom and seemingly endless possibilities to customize your video player. Not only does it give you more, but it is also comprehensive (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What are the key features of KMPlayer? Listing all KMPlayers features would take a long time. However, some examples are adjusting settings related to video playback. This allows you to: skip audio sync sections repeat sections There are also a large number of filters that you can use when playing videos. Allows you to make changes to 3D and VR settings. You can completely customize the subtitles via the admin options. It also has the ability to record audio and video so you can change the interface so you do not know it is the same program. It is also possible to use advanced image processing functions to make changes to the video and audio output. For example, you can increase the playback speed of a video or decrease the volume. Another notable feature is the ability to schedule the computer to shut down at the end of a video. One of the most important features of KMPlayers, mentioned briefly, is its versatility and high compatibility with many file formats. Simply put, it means you can play more movies. If you’ve ever tried to play a movie, either as a download or as a DVD, and you need to test several video players before it works, you know how important this is. With KMPlayer, you can practically rest these fears. In fact, it is considered a universal video player. Now you would think that all video players would be universal, but no, not even Windows Media Player can claim this title. KMPlayer can even play corrupt AVI files or incomplete or blocked media files while you share or download better media streaming options. There is a lot to be said for KMPlayer, but not everything is easy. First, enhanced functionality is a double-edged sword. You can do everything with KMPlayer, but only if you know how to do everything! It controls many people. Can you learn to dothe? This is where a new bomb should fall: KMPlayer has not written an English manual. The only way to find out is to ask someone who knows what the problem is with KMPlayers ads. An ad will appear after you install the application. This is not a big problem in itself, but the program shows ads permanently. You can also watch the ads while playing a movie, unless you play it in full screen. 5KPlayer is another free video player that shows ads in the same way, so it’s not the only one here. Despite its name, it supports resolutions up to 8K, 360-degree video and YouTube streaming. GOM Player offers a similar service, but instead of ads it contains premium software in the download and you should be careful not to turn off your average user, this is very similar program. All are slightly modified to address one or more categories of people. If you consider yourself an advanced video player user, there is a difference between KMPlayer, 5KPlayer and PotPlayer. If you consider yourself an average user, not particularly interested in adjusting settings and just want to watch your movie in peace, choose VLC Media Player. It plays almost any type of video file, and even though it has advanced settings, they are hidden so that you do not accidentally change anything, and if you are not worried, it has an English manual! The highly functional but complex program KMPlayer has excellent functionality and as a universal video player it can play almost any movie you want. While it really is an improvement over Windows Media Player, it may not be the best option for everyone. Much of the functionality is not intuitive and can therefore be quite inaccessible to many users. Not only that, there is no English manual to refer to and the ads can be buggy and can be the perfect solution for a power user who longs for freedom and control over their video player software. This does not mean that it is the ultimate option for advanced users and 5KPlayer or Pot Player is also free and worth considering. Pot Player is one of the lightest and fastest loaded video players and also has an extensive library of features. Keep it simple (and free) for everyone else without sacrificing quality by using the new ones from VLC Media. There have been some minor updates recently, including the addition of downloadable video sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Daily Motion. Many users are very excited about the prospect of the next big release of KMPlayers, including the cloud technology used to sync media library files across multiple locations.

Audacity x86 x64 update free download torrent

Performance is a powerful audio editor for playing, importing, exporting and recording many file formats including WAV, AIFF and MP3. The bundled software is open source and free. In addition, you can use tools to edit audio files, mix multiple songs, apply effects to audio recordings, and do much more to create all kinds of music. With this audio editing software you get other services including adjustable software state, frequency analysis and amplitude envelope editor. Other popular features include Bass Boost, VST plugin effects, Noise Canceling, Wahwah, (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Easy-to-use, free and open source editing tool for Microsoft Windows computers. If you are a beginner in audio editing, this would be your best option. It’s perfect for anyone starting a podcast or recording music. The popular audio editor has a simple interface, so you can learn the basics without too much hassle. Since it is a slow program, it does not slow down the computer, and fuels the development of open source software, Review was able to build a large community. That way, you can browse through more information, insights and tips to learn all about audio editing. While it’s free software, it comes with many services, some of which are similar to expensive software tools like Adobe. Can you do with the users? The Windows version of the software is simple and easy to use. It comes with a clean interface that clearly shows all the functions in the pre-programmed menus. If you are a beginner or an expert in voice editing, Brave doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can use the guide to find tricks to trade. With its simple layout and format, audio editing software makes it easy to add files to the application. To add audio files or songs for privacy, you can open existing downloads on your computer or use the microphone to record new ones, you can import files directly from the mixer card. This feature is very useful for professional artists and DJs. Each file looks like a wave pattern that clearly shows the different objects in the song. Thanks to privacy, you can combine multiple files to create music. However, you can also edit each file individually or work on multiple tracks in different windows with Lexis Audio Editor and WavePad, it is easier to work with audio files in privacy. All buttons, including play, pause, back, forward, record and tripod are easily accessible in large icons. As an analog recorder, you can create and listen to songs. In waveform format, you can draw a line to hear a specific part of the program that comes with the cutting tool, allowing you to remove a specific part from the file. Similarly, the tuning tool can be used to insert multiple clips or sections into a track. As mentioned before, you can use the merge function to combine different songs to create a beautiful mix and download exploits so you can control the audio files with a few options and options. The app has a built-in sync with several distortion settings for better controlover the mix. Unlike most free voice mixing apps, Curiosity has an auto-duck that allows you to set the volume reduction function on a specific track when it is played. Its powerful pre-podcast feature, which usually includes a mix of live audio and back-to-back audio, allows you to easily tweak songs or audio sections, play audio controls, slow down, and set recording timers. The audio editor allows you to place one track on top of another, thus simplifying the process of creating a mix. Unfortunately, the program still has some bugs that can lead to frequent maintenance with heavy management plugs and microphone? Resurrection enables recording from computer microphones and playback options. Depending on the sound quality, the sampling frequency can reach 192,000 Hz. Standard meters automatically monitor the sound while recording audio, making it easy to identify many problems. The audio editing software also supports Deep-Voice Audio-24-bit is a powerful tool, you can use various plugins to add more functions. For example, the app integrates well with other apps to add new effects. With this application you can work with all types of audio projects. If you just want to make music, podcasts, or just record audio, would multi-file manager support be a big help? Compared with MixPad multi-track recording software, the user supports various file formats including OGG, FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, MP2 and more. In fact, some plugins can support file formats such as MP4, M4A, and AC3. Besides importing some file formats, encryption can also be used to convert the import files into an audio editor, you can also customize filters with various effects. When using the app, you can eliminate whining, whining and other annoying sounds. This tool is perfect for creating high-quality and seamless recording frequencies with Notch Filter, High Pass, Sync, and Treble / Bass effects. Additionally, you can use the services of a contractor to easily adjust the sound. There are other important services as well, such as enhancement, inside / outside blur, adjustable final effects, and an excellent audio editor for your PCT. The latest version of Heroes includes a variety of Microsoft Windows services. Simple connection to the program allows even beginners to start working with mixed files and audio files. Since the software supports a wide variety of file formats, you can create beautiful music with Touch. Overall, this audio editing program will not disappoint you.