BurnInTest Professional 9 torrent download

Passmark BurnInTest is a software tool that simultaneously tests all major computer subsystems for resilience, reliability and stability. Anyone who has used computers for a certain period of time will understand the importance of a stable system. The cost of hardware failures can be enormous. If you are lucky, your data will only be unavailable if incorrect components are replaced. If you are unlucky, you may lose your files completely or be permanently damaged. Even if you have good backups, you can still lose working days by setting your computer to error mode. In many cases, lost data can never be replaced and businesses can decline by losing documents, customer data and financial records.

The application has the following additional features:

Online Help and PDF Manual

Customer-style results certificate

Support for printing results

Save volume results to user-detailed levels of detail (ASCII and HTML formats)

Temporary test runs are automatically stopped at the end of time or after a series of test cycles.

Ability to save your results to disk as a log file.

The Notes and Machine ID fields store your own monitoring information along with the saved log file.

Support for copying results to other applications (eg MS-Word) across different image formats. (BMP, GIF, EMF)

The ability to select the load level for each component by adjusting the duty cycle for each test.

Counts showing the total number of operations.

Easy-to-use and click-to-use interface

Can be started from a USB device or CD (under Windows)

System summary, including processor type, processor speed, and serial number.

Temperature monitoring level (with optional Intel Active Monitor, HMonitor, MotherBoardMonitor and SpeedFan software)

Battery and UPS monitoring level (with optional BatteryMon software)

Support for automating the production line and the detailed cases

Memory testing beyond the 4 GB limit on Windows 2000, XP and Vista (up to 64 GB RAM)