Bloons TD 6 Download Torrent

Bloons TD 6is astrategygame created by Ninja Kiwi. The strategygameretains the classictower defenseformat while incorporating updated graphics and visuals. Players prevent waves of balloons or Bloons from reaching the goal by setting up monkey towers and traps.

From Carnival Game to Flash Game SeriesBloons has been a long line of flash game series since 2007 by brothers Stephen and Chris Harris. The whole series was inspired by carnival games that involvedarts and balloons. Their first game was hosted at Ninja Kiwi official flash games website. Bloons has proven its popularity after getting picked up by Digg. Over 3 billion times that the game has been played in 2011. Its success leads to spinoffs like Bloons Tower Defense, Bloons TD Battles, Bloons Monkey City,Bloons Super MonkeyandBloons Adventure ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Improvements From The Last GameBloons TD 6is an improvement of the prior Bloons TD game as it uses3D graphics,new animations, andintense visual effects. Theskinsfor monkey towers can be upgraded that reflects their improved performance. Players can expect hours and hours of Bloons popping. They have to assemble monkey towers, Heroes and abilities to clear waves of Bloons. The monkey towers andmonkey groupscan be upgraded for extra firepower. This game includes the new Alchemist and Druid tower. On the other hand, they will facenew Bloonslike Purple Bloons, Fortified Bloons, and the Bloons. There are30 original mapsto challenge. Some of the maps have 3D objects that serve as obstructions as they can block the line of sight for the monkey tower. Each monkey tower has3 upgrade pathsto combat a specific type of balloon. Only a single monkey tower can reachtier 5 upgrade. This game featuresHero monkeysthat can be boosted with20 signature upgrades. Each of them has activated abilities to eliminate tougher balloons. Players can build strategies that synergize with the abilities of individual Hero monkeys. The game includes theDeep Monkey Knowledge System. It provides the monkey towers and monkey groups with over100 meta-upgrades, helping players to complete challenges. Players can still play the gameoffline. They can also try new and toughgame modeslike CHIMPS Rules, Double Health MOABs, and Restricted Monkeys.

Monkeys Versus BloonsBloons TD 6is an entertaining game for its strategy gameplay, upgrades system and the impulse for retrying hard maps. Players can create the most devastating combination of monkey towers and Hero monkeys, ensuring a lot of replay value. The difficulty spike can be intimidating but knowing the right setup can get the job ;