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The Amazing Cinematic Vorld is a new chapter called the huge huge heroes: the house; Ant-Man and The; kuot; Post house; Captain America: Civil war, cit; Scott Lang (Rudd) is a brilliant hero and father of his choice. In the fight against domestic life and the role of Ant-Man, Dr. Hope van Dine (Lilli) and Dr. HankPim (Douglas) found a quick message. Scott does not have to study quarrels with Vasp, a team working together to discover the secrets of the past.

Scott Lang was released from Super Hero, Dr. Hope van Dine and Dr. Hank Pima, along with Ant-Man vs. Ospash, to clean up the mystery that announcesnew message.


Writers King Peiton:

Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers | Captain America: Civil War (2016), Scott Lang is a selection of his superheroes. Trying to change life in the house and the role of Ant-Man, Dr. Hope van Dine and Hank PimBacio put him in the face. Scott needs to re-establish the bodyand learn to fight with Vaspo, the team works together to discover the past of secrets.