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AnonymoX for Firefox is an add-on that allows you to navigate quickly and anonymously if you are concerned about data protection on the Internet. AnonymoX is a good option. If this option is enabled, you can choose any IP address, delete cookies and display your public IP address to improve your online life a bit (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The problem with many IP hideers and proxy servers is that they are complicated to configure and can seriously delay browsing. Not so with anonymoX. It is as easy to install as a normal Firefox add-on and automatically activates a random “identity.” If you click on the anonymous XX icon next to the address bar, you can choose a specific identity from the list provided, including the US. USA, Europe and Asia, asking you to delete your cookies or identity changes when you leave a website and avoid this site you recognize With the application you can also switch between your own service and Tor. In the lower insertion bar you can activate the anonymous X information, which shows to which identity you are currently connected and which IP address is publicly visible. If you click on this information, you can make changes. This is a good service, if not particularly flexible. The configuration options are largely limited to what you see in the user interface. However, this means that the service is very easy to use. With most of the identities, anonymousoX was quite fast, but as always, some regional settings were slower than others, especially if you are looking for occasional and rare IP masks when using Firefox. AnonymoX is a good free option. You can upgrade to premium service at any time. However, if you are looking for a slightly more detailed and / or configurable anonymization, we recommend free incidental anonymization. AnonymoX is a great Firefox tool easy to use.