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Online and local board games Between Us is a multiplayer game about teamwork and betrayal! You and your teammates can play this game online or over your local Wi-Fi network and try to keep your spaceship together. It is important that you each work together to return to civilization. Beware of anyone you trust, thinking there are aliens! The parasite transformer has replaced one of your crew and will attempt to sabotage your efforts. This version of the game for Android and iOS is free and all versions support multi-platform games, allowing you to join other players regardless of your game; What is between us? getting ready to go into space. In any case, there are scammers in the group that will ruin your business. However, the scammers will also try to kill everyone in the group. You and your team need to respond quickly to improve fraudulent attacks. It is important to monitor your differences; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); They can also join your team, whether they use versatile customization or in-game workspaces. As the group prepares the spacecraft for flight, they discover that one of the team members is a complete stranger! The goal of this scam is to control the ship and execute everyone on board. The best way to win is to find and remove the wrong ones from the ship and fulfill your responsibilities; There are only a handful of events you can do, and that is walking, holding or using, killing, and recognizing corpses. Different controls allow you to access mini-games and switch to full screen. As an individual on a team, you need to respond quickly to correct fraudulent interference. You also need to report the corpse quickly so that the group can check who might be playing; How to play between us? You need to know who the cheater is. He will disturb the ship, pass through the openings, deceive you, and signal to others not to destroy his mask. His catch was that no one on the team was allowed to speak to dispel the darkness. Multiplayer online games allow four to ten players to play. You can collaborate with different players on the web and those associated with nearby players; You can ask for a crisis meeting to ask people who seem to be questioning you. You can then choose to launch people you all consider scammers. Be careful that the backstaber does not punish you. In addition to finding scammers, you and your party can also master the game by filling the collection bar. You can do this by completing the setup task; To make the game more difficult, you can play cheaters in your team. As a cheater, you can pretend to do some tasks to hang out with teammates. At this point, you can escape and try to weaken team activity. You can use the valve to move quickly using the ship. With attacks, you can cause riots and split the team. With it you can describe the audience and make themlooks like a normal survival game! Among us, casual games are perfect for beginner groups. You and other players will benefit from the environment and network of player-to-player networks. In addition, any of your friends can join the same server regardless of the device they are using; Together, you can find aliens trying to control the ship strategically