AllMapSoft Google Maps Downloader 8 64/32 Bit installer Free Download Torrent

Google Maps Download is reliable software that aims to download Google maps faster. The result is a collection of small images that can be combined into one large map. This can work in many different projects, from tile mapping to presentations and guides.

Light and easy to use

The situation in which a map is needed can vary from distance to educational purposes. After all, the path is more important than the reason, and for mapping software, the options are very rich. The software of this unit distinguishes between image quality and download speed. Google Maps downloads are effective for both requirements by providing easy ways to quickly capture maps with reasonable resolution. Plus, it’s easy to use and includes a great help file for new users.

After a simple installation process, first-hand knowledge and APIs are good for nature. With a simple but intuitive interface of human face images, the application focuses on purpose, not appearance.

Quickly find the defined location

Users must create a new project for each map if they need previous projects. The application requires you to enter geographic information such as height and height, as well as the zoom level and the output folder (can also be placed in the Settings window).

As soon as you hit the Download button, all you need is a little patience. During testing, the Google Maps downloader behaved respectfully and was able to process the project in less than two minutes (although of course time also depends on the size of the map).

Basically, the map is divided into several subsections, but the application has an image link that can be assembled into pieces at once. You can see the final map with the included Map Viewer.


In general, Google Maps downloads are the fastest and most reliable option for your domain. The speed, speed, and quality of an image are its strengths, so it lives up to expectations and serves many different purposes.