AIMP Scooter Download

AIMP Classic is a powerful sound player that lets you listen to your favorite music with excellent sound quality. The look is similar to another classic audio player (Winamp), so you can get used to it quickly. It can also be set with leaves. The program includes an 18-band equalizer, a visualization window for displaying rhythmic visual effects and a playlist editor for organizing your audio files. A beautiful blur makes your song list look like an endless loop of music, and a useful volume normalization function prevents drastic changes in volume between tracks. The main functions of the player can also be easily operated from global (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}). In addition to playing music, AIMP Classic has three additional tools that let you record any sound on your computer, convert audio files from one format to another, and view or edit labels. AIMP Classic is based on the well-known sound engine BASS, making it easy to activate new plug-ins (from the plug-in library in the program) and to expand the functions of the player.