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Acrobat DC with Cloud Documentation Service includes all the tools you need to edit, edit, and sign PDF files. It’s as simple as you. So you can start the document at work, change it on the train, and send it with permission from your living room without difficulty, without delay.

This tool is equipped with smart devices that give you more power to communicate. Create and edit PDF files, as well as rich media, share information more securely, and collect comments more efficiently.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software is a state-of-the-art business solution for creating, compiling, controlling, and delivering high-quality, secure Adobe PDF documents for easy and secure distribution, integration, and data collection.

Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

Edit the PDF file

With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can edit text and thumbnails for your PDF files without the need for original documents or images.

Edit text in PDF. Edit typos, change fonts, or add paragraphs to your PDF as easily as you can in other programs using the new point interface and click

Edit images in PDF. Resize, resize, and resize images in your PDF without tracing files or original images.

Export from PDF file

Limit the time you spend writing information stuck to PDF files. Convert PDF files into Microsoft Office documents that can be edited. And save fonts, formats and contracts.

Convert PDF files to Word. Save your PDF as a Microsoft Word document and bring your font, format and layout.

Convert PDF files to Excel. Convert your PDF or part of it to an Excel spreadsheet that you can use for instant data analysis.

Convert PDF files to PowerPoint. Start a new project by saving a PDF file as a PowerPoint presentation that can be fully edited.

Create a PDF file

Don’t worry if the file you send looks good on someone else’s screen. Convert documents into PDF files that anyone can view with Adobe Reader for free.

Convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to PDF. From Office applications on Windows, you can create PDF files, start shared surveys, restrict PDF editing, and more.

Print to PDF. Convert files to PDF from any printing application by simply selecting Adobe PDF as your printer.

Analyze for PDF. When you need to convert a paper document or form into a digital file, just click to create a searchable PDF file that you can edit.

Convert HTML pages to PDF. Save web pages as PDF files to store web archives, view offline pages, or publish them more securely.

Create and analyze forms

Reduce time spent creating forms, re-entering data, and debugging. Distribute the form online, then collect the answers and analyze the results in real time.

Create new web forms and PDFs. Customize templates or technical designs from scratch with the Adobe Form FormCentral desktop software included in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Collect response forms with FormCentral. Collect responses easily by transferring your PDF or web form online with the Adobe FormsCentral web service.

Change the available forms to a downloadable PDF. Write less, collect more. Quickly convert your paper, Word, or Excel forms into PDF formwhich can be filled.

Collect response forms with Adobe Acrobat tools. Compile the returned form in PDF or format the form using the Internet or Microsoft SharePoint folder on the server.

Merge and merge files

Open contact with one PDF attachment. Insert multiple files into a single, structured PDF that is easy to send email and easy to find.

Merge multiple files into one PDF. Make sure nothing is missing. Merge documents, covers, emails, and more into one standard PDF.

Attach a file to a PDF file. Share your work in a PDF file that technically presents materials with interactive effects.

Create interactive PDF files. Make your comments live by adding Adobe Audio Player, Video compatible video, and interactive media to PDF.

Simplify comments and approvals

Stop collecting paper and email effects. Direct review and approval cycle with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Most reviewers can watch and create their comments until you reach your deadline.

Coordinate review and approval of documents. In shared reviews, people can provide PDF notes and common tools. And you can track progress and combine feedback.

Transfer feedback to Word. Save all PDF views to your original Microsoft Word document and update the text faster than before.

Approved and signed electronic. Continue with the project. Sign your authorization email directly to PDF. No need to print, fax or send documents.

Get someone else to sign the document. Get a green light quickly. Send PDF files to others to approve your signature and follow them online using Adobe EchoSign.

Included by SharePoint. With Acrobat, you can easily and easily download, open, and store PDF files stored on a company SharePoint server.

Compare the two versions of the file. Let Acrobat take the hard work of comparing two versions of the file, giving you a detailed report of the results.

Save and access files in Use to store your files in the cloud for free, download them from Acrobat or Reader on your desktop or mobile device.

Protect PDF files

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC makes your job easier, no matter what application you use.

Use PDF passwords and permissions. Seek expert protection without being an expert. Add copy and edit protection to any PDF from Microsoft Office software on Windows.

Delete and rearrange information. Do not hide hard data. Search and delete forever, even if it is hidden in metadata.

Run the document security functions. Use document security measures in the same way each time. Use guided actions to help protect your PDF before publishing.

Operating System: WindowsServer 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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