Acronis Snap Deploy v5 Stofers torrent download

If you support a large company, school, or government agency, you know that implementing new software and configurations across systems is a difficult and time-consuming task. Acronis Snap Deploy is a complete and easy-to-use solution that lets you secure all your workstations and servers the way you set up just one!
Easy and fast.
This product is powered by Acronis AnyData Engine. This product is ideal for rapid deployment across multiple computers or servers, as well as continuous uninterrupted redistribution on the same hardware. Featured disk imaging technology helps you create an accurate image of any standard configuration you choose, including your operating system, configuration, files, and all programs, and deploy your images on multiple machines at once in one easy step.
Everything you need.
Acronis Snap Deploy allows you to redistribute images on live Windows machines, so you don’t have to manually boot each system. You can also manage specific machine configurations (including computer names, IP addresses, domain memberships, and other settings). Acronis Snap Deploy will also take over Windows settings after implementation is complete.
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive wizard-driven user interface saves time and reduces errors.
Support for multiple operating systems
Deploy on Windows computers, Windows tablets, Windows and Linux servers