ACDSee Photo Editor 11 64-Bit torrent download

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ACDSee Photo Editor Build 97 is a powerful application for professional digital imaging, download ACDSee Photo Editor below. If you believe developers, a set of simple family photos in bold hands can turn into something creative.

For example, you can draw and use the built-in tools to make it a beautiful postcard, calendar, or even create your own family album. You can add many different effects to your images and at the same time not lose quality, which is very important in our time.

The ACDSee Photo Editor can remove red eyes from the image if the image has poor resolution or if some errors can be corrected. The interface is pretty easy to use, you can add new images by dragging them to the main window, there’s no Russian support, registration is as fast as possible, hope you find the program useful.

Developer: ACD Systems

License: ShareWare

The English language

Size: 119 MB

OS: Windows x64

How to install:

1). Instructions are included as needed.

2). Everything is ready and enjoying

Snapshots: –

Description: –

Track editing your photos quickly with software that skips straight to the fun part. Upload images to ACDSee Photo Editor 11 and jump straight into graphically accelerated graphic editing with tools, filters and settings. Photo Editor 11 now has RAW support for over 600 camera models, mixed cloning, tailored color correction, improved text and layer controls, and dozens of new features that give you the flexibility to update composites, footers, photography polished, and compelling graphics with

Function: –

Keep the last word

Add text as a layer. Adjust fonts, size, color, style, motivation, openness and more as you create, mix and add effects to the final compounds.


Retouch portraits by moving unchanged pixels, for unlimited photo manipulation.

A practical rule

Adjustable rulers and instructions mean that layering, text and objects are flawless. Change the bearings in the instructions. Add as many instructions as you like. Check the unit of measurement, color and visibility.

Work with all geometric flaws

Move objects, text, and images to the top, bottom, sides or corners of your canvas as you move. Display the grid for exact situations.

Copy / paste mask

Copy color images and paste them as masks to illuminate other layers, including layers to align them.

Choose a perfect pixel

Use Pixel Targeting to target selections and masks at the exact colors, brilliance and even skin shades.

Import / export steps

Share your actions with other users by exporting them as convenient, compressed packages or accepting actions made by friends and enjoy the endless creative potential of recorded actions.

Select brightness

Make choices based on the brightness of your images. The brighter the pixel, the stronger the choice of that pixel.

Endless creativity

Design your own LUTs with an endless combination of color correction layers. Color your images seamlessly by importing and applying LUT as a non-destructive filter