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The young staff of Shenaniganz Restaurant work together to prevent fatigue and adulthood.
Author Rob McKittrick:
Rob McKittrick stars:
Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and John Francis Daley It’s a dinner exchange in Shenanigan. Dan, the undisputed boss, offers 22-year-old Mitch, a training school, to Monty, a flexible public speaker who hunts girls for a one-night break. Dean, the waiter, also 22, feels life is passing him by. Dan gives him the job of assistant manager and lets him decide until midnight. Some waiters, cooks and bus boys have problems and personalities. The Bishop of the Dishwasher is their counselor. During this exchange, Monty can learn something, Dean makes his decision, Dan plays with a waitress who is not yet 18 years old, customers get their income dance, all the boys play a same-sex comedy, the girls show why they won, and Mitch is the with the last word.