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Taking and strengthening your files, 7-Zips are a great WinRAR substitute.

Zip-7 connections are similar to its competitors, and the main file manager and command line to find and choose the files that should be compressed or compressed.jopo have a basic basis such as extraction, addition, testing, and copying, moving and delete your files from your file management. Zip-7 items and fast buttons like WinZipandWinRARand and host major memory formats such as ZIP, TAR,RAR and ISO.

When the WinZip can only tolerate ZIP with WinRAR and RAR or ZIP, 7zip offers up to different storage modes. 7-Zip lets you select the status of the update, depending on whether you want to add it to modify the file, refresh the file, or file the file. If you do not want another person to open a document without your permission, You can set passwords to protect the targeting tool, especially that can be disconnected.for the same part that is compatible with the disk, CD or DVD, which is important if you want to distribute some major archive. Unfortunately, security is where 7-Zip supports its major opponents. There is no scanning for virtual virus files and you can not create destructive damage and you can also be safeWinZiporWinRAR but very important. It works with many documents and provides many useful tools, such as updating or collaborating with the government. If you feel very young with WinZipand if you do not like WINRAR, we recommend 7-Zip to make you more modified than its most popular opponents, 7-Zip is a good tool to delete the file.

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