3D Coat 4 x86-x64 Download

3DCoat is the only application that has all the tools you need to transfer your 3D idea from a block of digital clay to a fully finished, fully structured organic or hard surface model. Today, 3DCoat is available for training at 240 universities, colleges and colleges around the world.
Main features:
– Ability to attach intelligent materials to layers! Materials management becomes even easier.
– Improved curvature calculation. This is key to make Smart Smart look even more realistic.
– New basic elements in the retopo space: cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral, etc. We are getting closer and closer to modeling with low polymer content!
– The ability to change the resolution of textures, attachments is automatically re-included in the example!
– History of using smart materials.
– The rendering scene in Renderman. Yes, you heard right!
– Proxy slider. Adjust the proxy level by simply sliding the slider.
– back. Brush with a depth of roast. Now you can easily determine how deep the scan will be with the brush stroke.
– Support for 4K monitors. Now the UI elements and font size automatically match your screen resolution.
– Quick turn switch – about Y or free turn. See the navigation area.
Do you need it both ways? You now have a quick exchange.

Virtual scan: